I love to travel, meet new people and share my knowledge. This project is exactly about that.
I have been working with Drupal for the past 8 years, I have a lot of knowledge to share, but I want to travel and meet local people. I am offering my skills, mainly Drupal 7 theming, but I have a background as a developer too!
How does this work
  • Add yourself to the map if you are interested
  • Once there are 5+ ppl around you a group will be formed
  • Choose an organiser, find a venue, discuss the dates
  • Expected dates for: Europe: May - September, US: September - December, Other destinations: To be discussed - depends on demand
The more people you will find, the cheaper it will be per person. We start at 200 EUR / person (min 5 people) and end at 130 EUR / person - 12 people. Get discounts by providing me with a couch or showing me the area the day after. Read more about this project - the post is from years ago, but the mission is still the same: Blog: Drupal theming training in your area organised by you

Add yourself to the map and select what you are interested in