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Learn as you go Drupal concept

While working on rootcandy admin theme, I came to a nice idea.

I wanted to show a block with help on the right side, which I did. Then, I was figuring out if it could do more than just showing help for particular section and the idea of 'Learn as you go' was born.

Basically it will guide drupal users through setting up drupal for their needs, helping them to explain things, etc... It's not that easy to use drupal for new people and also finding stuff on drupal forums or handbooks is sometimes discouraging.

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First name and Last name as user name in Drupal

UPDATED 24/11/2007
I have stumbled upon a request (Custom Registration Form) for creating a module, which will use first name and last name to generate a username.

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Reditrack drupal module

Just a quick blog post, that I am currently working on a reditrack module for drupal. It will allow you to create a link with redirect and optionaly you will be able to track it.

You will be able to create conditions for each redirect, these actions could be specified in any module, reditrack module will find it and include it in add/edit forms. So for example you want to check if a cck-field has a value you are looking for, if yes then do redirect, if not, jump to next condition, etc...

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Arg2Field drupal module nearly finished

I would say, this is a really nice module. :) Originaly developed by guys in Antinomia solutions. I had to do few bug fixes, but then me and Matt (Antinomia) decided to improve it a little bit.
The main functionality will be getting content from arguments sent through _GET or _POST and fill it into fields (CCK or any default).
But that is not all of course.

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