Making Drupal Commons look like facebook - part 1

Acquia Commons is a Drupal distribution that is for building communities within your organization. I have been able to play around with its competitor JIVE and must admit, it stands quite well next to it.

We were approached by Gary Conroy from Specsavers, who have introduced Commons within their organization and needed to do some additional tweaks to make it a bit similar to Facebook. This will be a series of two blog posts, in first we will show how we have made similar functionality to Facebook Like links and in the second how did we change the status form widget.

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Reload CSS bookmarklet - speed up theming

While working on just CSS changes on your Drupal website, it can sometime take ages to reload on performance heavy pages.
Here is a bookmarklet I've found by Erik A. Hanson and improved by Josh L that allows you to just refresh the CSS files without reloading the whole website (hitting the server). Just grab the link below to your bookmarks and click it whenever you want to refresh the styles.

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