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Letterpress effect in GIMP

Have seen loads of tutorials for photoshop how to make a letterpress effect as seen above but non of them for GIMP (http://gimp.org). It is a trendy effect these times on the web and yes, it is fairly easy to create one.

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Calendar icons revisited - bubble with comment count

My blog-post with calendar icons is nearly one year old. I've seen quite a lot of people using it and was surprised. One of the best upgrades was by Joost de Valk (Yoast.com). His article on CSS-Tricks shows his idea to place a bubble with comment count over the calendar icon. Read how it works and how to implement it in your drupal theme.

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Calendar icons not only for your blog

Read the update blog post here

I have found a little bit of time last night to create few calendar icons.
You can now download the source file of icons for gimp (http://gimp.org).

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Back with the new website and theme!

After a long time, I finally updated my website. There are new functions as well as a new drupal theme. I hope it will be pleasure for your eyes. Let's talk more about this new drupal theme...

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