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Update 14/1/2008 21:45
Little navigation enhancements for long pages.
see files 01.png, 02.png, 03.png -> anchor links.

Update 14/1/2008 18:45
A little update for those who are following :)

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Theming comments with phptemplate

How did I style comments and how did I use rounded corners using CSS Speech Bubbles from in my theme without hacking any other modules...

Adding wrapper

First, I created a new function in my template.php -> phptemplate_comment_wrapper which as it's written in Drupal's API allow themeable wrapping of all comments.

My function looks like this:

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Back with the new website and theme!

After a long time, I finally updated my website. There are new functions as well as a new drupal theme. I hope it will be pleasure for your eyes. Let's talk more about this new drupal theme...

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