Menu description field in node/add form

A simple solution how to add a description field to your node/add forms.

What is that for?

We are building a website that has landing pages. Structure could be like:

  • About Us (landing page)
    • Who we are?
    • What we do?
  • Locations (landing page)
    • United Kingdom
    • Ireland

The site structure is based on a menu, thus each page has its menu and most importantly parent menu item if it is not landing page. When visitor is viewing a landing page, the page consists of a text from landing page node and a list of first level sub-menu items with its description (views can't do this afaik).

Here is the landing page layout:

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Another update on Root Candy

Just noticed that I forgot to post about a version 1.0 being released some time ago. We are almost ready to roll out 1.1 version with several bug fixes and new features so I would like to summarise what has been done so far and invite testers to test latest dev version.

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Rootcandy getting darker - rc3 out

We are almost there, RC3 is out and I am thinking how many RC's are ahead. One, maybe two, and then release. In the last RC, I know it's not a good practice, however I had to add a new feature, just because I liked it too much. So a new sub-theme RootCandy dark has been committed.

rootcandy dark

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RootCandy alpha release

After long nights and many hours spent on this theme, finaly I am able to release alpha version.

The first blog post about rootcandy is dated on Sat, 01/12/2008 - 14:33. Thats quite a long time ago. It went through a lot of itterations (see all blog posts related to rootcandy).

So here it is. An alpha version of rootcandy.

More info and specs after the break.

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Calendar icons revisited - bubble with comment count

My blog-post with calendar icons is nearly one year old. I've seen quite a lot of people using it and was surprised. One of the best upgrades was by Joost de Valk (Yoast.com). His article on CSS-Tricks shows his idea to place a bubble with comment count over the calendar icon. Read how it works and how to implement it in your drupal theme.

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Rootcandy update 09-2008

After a long time, another blog post about what's new since last update.

After visiting Szeged and meeting quite a lot of new faces, I also got some feedback on rootcandy. Thanks all for that.

I have set up a new gallery with latest screenshots -> HERE

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Preparing for a drupalcon in szeged

Finally I'll make it to my first drupalcon. Can't wait to meet all drupal geeks face to face and make a presentation about administration interface (http://moourl.com/pdl0n).

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GuyCollection - drupal and e-commerce

This is a little bit old project, released half a year ago. But I thought I would make a short walkthrough, showcasing what we did with drupal and e-commerce modules.

guy website thumbnail

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Magazine site done with drupal

Last few weeks I've spent most of my time on a new website 'STANDPOINT.OnLine' which is a new UK magazine. Developed for BigKidLondon, drupal again prooved that especially for magazine website, where you need to have editors, publishing queues, and a lots of others magazine related functions, is just perfect.

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New blog design, old will be commited

After one year with the old design, I have decided to re-design my site in my spare time. It took me 2 days to make a new design (using gimp(, including logo (blender+gimp) and then drupal theming. Yes, it was that easy with drupal. ;)

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