Visualise Drupal site in 3d using Tilt

Last week I've stumbled upon a firefox extension called Tilt which is aiming to be a DOM inspector such firebug but in 3D using WebGL. You might know that I have been trying several styles/visualizations to make the Drupal structure more readable for my workshops (Visual Drupal, isometric grids in presentations, workflows,...) and actually been trying to visualize the Drupal site using the animations on hovers to lets say highlight the regions, blocks, etc... Didn't get much far with this, so when I saw the Tilt extension I immediately tried to adjust it to what I had in my mind for long time. After tweeting about it I've got some feedback, some people were saying it is cool, but what is the usage, so let me explain some of the ideas.

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Visual Drupal

The idea of having an interactive overview of Drupal phases emerged from various Drupal workshops I did in the past months. People were looking into the materials and the workflows on the paper, but it wasn't interactive, nor it was possible to give it a different function (name) to try it out what it does instead of general function names, which are hard to understand for newbies.

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Drupal Design Camp Berlin - 25-26.6.2011

Drupal design camp Berlin 2011

Where all the EU Drupal front-end developers and designers will be in June 25th & 26th? Yes, in Berlin for Drupal Design Camp!

After a successful Design Camp in Prague last year, we are organising another camp for all you folks that either would like to learn about theming, push the Drupal design into another dimension (learn and talk about Drupal 8 Design initiative) or just hang out and meet the cool people.

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Making the government data open with Scraperwiki and Drupal, pt.1

On March 19th, 2011, I have attended a conference called The Big Clean here in Prague. It was organised in two cities - Prague (Czech) and Jyväskylä (Finland) - as a pre-event of a global event that will be organised later this year.

The Big Clean is a a gathering of citizens in cities around the world to access, clean, organise & re-use local Government Data.

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Drupal theming training in your area organised by you - community

The title says it all. I love to travel, meet new people, experience local community and share my knowledge - I do believe a lot of folks in Drupal community have the same passion. I had this idea in my head for quite some time, but I was slightly concerned about it. Then in September 2010 Gabor Hojtsy wrote a blog post Drupal couch surfers - an idea, which helped me to take on more confidence and try it. Few months later, I would like you to meet the idea of community organised trainings, instead of waiting for trainers to come to your area. Read more >

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Improve scripts loading - Head JS loader and Drupal

Stumbled upon head.loader.js which drastically improves scripts loading. See the tests here http://headjs.com/test/script.html

From the documentation (http://headjs.com/#theory):
"Head JS frees the page from script loading burden. The scripts loading is separated from the page rendering and they are always loaded in paraller no matter how many of them and what the browser is. The difference on the user experience can be dramatic especially on the initial page load when the scripts are not yet in cache. It's your crucial first impression."

Experimental code for implementing head.loader.js in Drupal 7. Comments welcome

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Drupal theming nightmares part 2

Welcome to the second part of the Drupal theming nightmares series. Not really surprised by the feedback I've got in the previous post. Most of you were enough lucky to stumble on the same problems. While the post was focused on the theming mistakes, it raised a discussion about unfinished jobs too. So if you haven't read it, it is right here: Drupal theming nightmares part 1.

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Drupal theming nightmares part 1

And yet again, took a job that someone else started long time ago, although I did say that I won't do this ever again. "It is almost finished, it needs only few tweaks there and there and we are done." they are saying. I am staying calm, due to time pressure (and the fact that I had to log in to a windows xp machine through vnc - actual server), throwing down some estimates without looking at the site build. Easy tasks you would say, add a border there, fix margin, login box there and mostly styling issues. Nothing I haven't done before.

They wanted to launch the site as soon as possible and of course, only these little things needed to be done. It's ok, shouldn't take me longer than half a day and surely it will help them. So they signed off the budget and we were ready to fix few simple issues and get it out. But...

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Using RootCandy to create a simple interface for clients

admin theme v front endRootCandy is an administration theme specificaly developed to streamline the process of creating an admin interface for clients in Drupal. In this blog post I am going to show you what we did for our client eCommera (http://ecommera.com) and will highlight some of the RC functionality. Officialy 4,808 sites are using this theme and I am quite curious how, so feel free to leave a comment below.

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DrupalCamp Prague 2009


The very first DrupalCamp in Czech Republic is being held in Prague on 31st October to 1st November. Overall capacity is 250 attendees, so far 122 people registered and most importantly the registration is free.

If you are considering coming and have some questions (hotels, expenses, etc...), head over to the forum or get in touch directly with me (irc: sign, skype: drupalcampcz)

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