Drupal theming nightmares part 2

Welcome to the second part of the Drupal theming nightmares series. Not really surprised by the feedback I've got in the previous post. Most of you were enough lucky to stumble on the same problems. While the post was focused on the theming mistakes, it raised a discussion about unfinished jobs too. So if you haven't read it, it is right here: Drupal theming nightmares part 1.

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Drupal theming nightmares part 1

And yet again, took a job that someone else started long time ago, although I did say that I won't do this ever again. "It is almost finished, it needs only few tweaks there and there and we are done." they are saying. I am staying calm, due to time pressure (and the fact that I had to log in to a windows xp machine through vnc - actual server), throwing down some estimates without looking at the site build. Easy tasks you would say, add a border there, fix margin, login box there and mostly styling issues. Nothing I haven't done before.

They wanted to launch the site as soon as possible and of course, only these little things needed to be done. It's ok, shouldn't take me longer than half a day and surely it will help them. So they signed off the budget and we were ready to fix few simple issues and get it out. But...

Need Drupal Theming? Hire us

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