Inline Manual 1.1 release - Rules support - onboard new users like a pro

The fastest way to teach your users how to use your web application got even faster. We have integrated the great Rules module, so you can easily define logic within your Drupal installation when to launch specific tutorials.

Imagine you have built a website for your client and now you need to train the editors how to work with content. You can use Inline Manual for this already, instead of doing workshops or screencasts, however, what if there are new employees/editors coming in afterwards? How would you get them quickly learn the system?

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Drupal training in your area organised by you - travelling and training - 2014

The title says it all. I love to travel, meet new people, experience local community and share my knowledge. This is edition 2014.
Pinpoint yourself onto the map if you are interested in any of the trainings, doesn't matter if you are an individual or a company.
If you can host me (couch), show me around your city, and find the venue for training, you will get discounts.

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Get off the phone: Helping users through better UX and tools - Jam's DrupalCamp

Jam (Jeffrey A. McGuire) from Acquia approached me right after I gave presentation about user assistance at Drupal Camp Copenhagen with his brilliant idea > Jam's Drupal Camp. A concept of having sessions Jam liked while traveling around the world and bring them online as hangouts. I was the very first guest and I did really enjoy it. It was a new experience for me, especially that part when you don't see the audience. :)

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Process improvement: Creating website manuals for clients in under 5 minutes

Back from Drupalcamp Vienna, where I talked about how supporting your users is one of the processes of web development that we should not forget about. I gathered some interesting feedback from visitors and again it proved how everyone is struggling with handing over any information on how to operate website. It either takes ages to create (screenshots and screencasts) or it is not reusable.

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Create Drupal 8 Tours with Inline Manual Authoring tools

We have rolled out an experimental feature to export tours (in Inline Manual terminology Topics) that are compatible with Drupal 8 tour module. You can now use the Authoring tool and Inline Manual infrastructure to manage your tours. These exported tours you can play out of the box in Drupal 8. If you are after more advanced solution, that can be used for your clients, check out the Inline Manual module.

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Revolution in end-user documentation! Say hello to Inline Manual

Let's face it. Making documentation for end-users (content editors, administrators, etc...) is the most painful process of all the processes when it comes to handing over a project to the client. Hard to estimate, time consuming to create, never up to date, almost impossible to re-use, change one thing and you have to rebuild all the screenshots, realisation that nobody reads it, etc... Sounds familiar?

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Emails like this one, makes me want to work on open source projects fulltime

Yelena (---------[at]gmail.com) sent a message using the contact form at http://sotak.co.uk/contact.

Dear Marek,
Every day of my work I see your name in the footer of administration pages of
my sites. I just wanted to say: "Thank You!" - for the Root Candy theme,
which makes my work so pleasant, and also for inspiring me to make better
designs myself.

Thank you so much! You are awsome!

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DA Elections 2013 - I am voting for better Drupal in EU

Only few hours left till the DA Elections will be open to voting and I am going to vote for Morten.

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Reload CSS bookmarklet - speed up theming

While working on just CSS changes on your Drupal website, it can sometime take ages to reload on performance heavy pages.
Here is a bookmarklet I've found by Erik A. Hanson and improved by Josh L that allows you to just refresh the CSS files without reloading the whole website (hitting the server). Just grab the link below to your bookmarks and click it whenever you want to refresh the styles.

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More on 3D Drupal visualization, now in browser

Those who are following know, that I am experimenting with different ways how to explain designers Drupal in my workshops. The tilt extension worked fine but was not flexible enough (for me) being it written for Firefox. The more I learned about CSS3 I knew I am on the right way to have something out of this. Here is the current result. It is in the early stage, but quite soon I will get where I want with this. Right now it is working with the default Drupal classes, but can be easily extended.

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