PyBay2019: 4th Annual SF Bay Area Python Conference

Thursday, August 15, 2019 - 09:00
San Francisco Python Meetup Group
San Francisco

This August 15-18, join 750+ Bay Area Pythonistas at PyBay2019 (, the 4th annual SF Bay Area regional Python conference in San Francisco, CA. This is by far the most epic production of SF Python's events. Most educational and fun too! Check out our 2017 highlights video:

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PyBay2019 features:

- 8 workshops, 55+ talks, 20+ lightning talks, 10+ 'impromptu' meetups...
- Fun events such as a Maker-themed happy hour, book signing,
- Expo with sponsors that are hiring or showcasing software development tools

- Headline speakers include:
- Raymond Hettinger - Python core dev; seasoned Python trainer)
- Rachel Thomas - Co-founder of; Selected by Forbes as one of “20 Incredible Women Advancing AI Research.”
- Peter Norvig - Co-author of the leading textbook in artificial intelligence, Artificial Intelligence: A modern Approach, Creator of the Pytudes and Research Director at Google
Luciano Ramahlo - Author of Orielly's Fluent Python and Technical Principal at Thoughtworks
- Emily Moorehouse - Co-founder and Director of Engineering at Cuttlesoft. Python core developer. PyCon 2019 co-chair.
- Lukasz Langa - Python core Developer, Python 3.8 release manager, Creator of Black
- Dustin Ingram - Maintainer for PyPi, Developer Advocate at Google and PyTexas Organizer
Michael Sully - Core developer for mypy, Software engineer at Dropbox
Alark Joshi - Data Visualization Researcher and an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of San Francisco
Mahmoud Hashemi - Author of O'Reilly's Enterprise Software with Python, Organizer of the Pyninsula Python meetup
Lisa Roach - cPython core dev and Production Engineer at Facebook
David Lord - core maintainer of the Flask web application framework and related libraries

More info -

This community conference is made possible by volunteers and amazing sponsors such as:

Bloomberg, IBM, Sony, Jetbrains, Linode, Yelp, Anvil, HouseCanary, Vinta, Preferred Network, Microsoft, Rookout, Hubb

UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center

1675 Owens St