Leveraging Customer-Focused Strategies to Achieve High Growth

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 18:00
Product Tank SF
San Francisco

As Product Managers, we are constantly tasked with sifting through mountains of information to organize, prioritize, and focus product strategy. In this event, you’ll hear from Devan and Ciara about their experiences leveraging customer-focused strategies and experimentation to increase adoption and achieve product goals.


Throw Less Spaghetti, Make More Stick: Using Product Themes to Focus Growth Experimentation
by Devan Goldstein

Product themes, areas of focus for ideation, research, and, ultimately, shippable code, can be useful not just for core product teams but for high-velocity experimentation teams as well. In this talk, I'll cover the basics of product themes — what they are and how to come up with them — as well as benefits specific to A/B-heavy teams and roles. Finally, I'll share some tips on operationalizing themes in different kinds of organizations.

Building Consumer-Grade Experiences for the Enterprise
by Ciara Peter

With the complexity of multiple stakeholders and the increasing purchasing influence of end users, the bar is higher than ever for enterprise UX as companies pioneer business models beyond traditional SaaS. Learn how to apply consumer grade growth, engagement, design, and prioritization strategies to increase adoption within your products.


Devan Goldstein, Growth Team Lead at Dropbox
Devan Goldstein leads a growth team at Dropbox, sitting in the product org. Before that, he worked at NerdWallet as a product manager and an optimization creature. Elsewhere, he's worked in product, design, research, and strategy roles. He lives in Berkeley with his wife, the writer Aubrey Hirsch, and their two children.

Ciara Peter, Senior Director, Product at Box
Ciara is an executive with 10 years of experience bringing segment-leading products to market. She currently oversees product management of all Box core applications across web, desktop, and mobile platforms. On the BetterWorks founding team she led product from inception to a successful Series B. Prior to this, Ciara held leadership roles in strategy, UX, and mobile at Salesforce, where she earned “top inventor of the year” recognition for 22 technology patents. What she’s most proud of is positively impacting millions of people every day with the products she’s created.



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