Improving Product Decision Making with User Research

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - 18:00
Product Tank SF
San Francisco

Product Managers are continuously tasked with making all kinds of decisions about their product. In this month’s ProductTank, Yue Wu and Brian Tran will show us when and how they use a variety of research methodologies to uncover opportunities and inform product strategy.



User Research for Product Managers
By Yue Wu

In this talk, Yue Wu will walk us through a few of the key moments where Product Managers can turn to user research to inform and guide their product direction - from opportunity sizing and roadmapping to design.

How to Make Better Product Decisions Using Quantitative & Qualitative Data
By Brian Tran

Want to make better product decisions quickly, confidently, and get buy-in? In this talk, Brian Tran will explain how to combine qualitative user research and quantitative data methods throughout the development process to achieve those goals. He'll share case studies of how he's mixed qualitative and quantitative methods to discover high-growth opportunities, identify user needs, determine pricing, and prioritize features.



Yue Wu, Group Product Manager, Yelp
Yue is a Group Product Manager at Yelp focused on leading home and local services area. Before Yelp, she worked at various consumer startups and Google in roles ranging from product to data.

Brian Tran, Director of Product, User Testing
Brian Tran is Director of Product at UserTesting. He leads the company's flagship product, which helps organizations deliver the best customer experience powered by human insights. He has over 10 years of experience growing customer-centered product teams at early-stage startups as well as enterprise companies, and across multiple domains including healthcare, financial services, and B2B.


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