[GoSF] Decentralized Storage Powered by Go + More [Wed, Oct 16th]

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 18:00
San Francisco

6:00 Networking | Food | Drink
6:30 Speakers
• Networking Break (15min)
• Decentralized Storage Powered by Go (Siva Dirisala,0Chain)


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Talk 1: TBD

Talk 2: Decentralized Storage Powered by Go (Siva Dirisala,0Chain)
Siva Dirisala from 0Chain will talk about decentralized storage solutions - why they are needed and how they operate. He'll describe 0ChainNet and 0Storage both of which are built using the Golang, which makes it easy to deal with concurrency inherent with blockchains and decentralized storage protocols.

0ChainNet is a Nonlinear Proof Of Stake-based blockchain with multiple leaders. 0chain's dStorage is a decentralized storage platform built leveraging 0chainNet. As part of his talk he'll talk about the architecture and how they are using using erasure coding and proxy re-encryption to provide a fast and secure solution. He'll also address the underlying technical components and go interfaces network and platform use including RocksDB (accessed via gorocksdb), Cassandra (using gocql), and Herumi’s BLS code for cryptography.

About the Speaker
Siva Dirisala, CTO of 0Chain, has 20 years of experience in Cloud and Big Data at Oracle and Service Now. He has led the architecture and development of 0ChainNet, 0Box, and 0Wallet, and led innovations of several 0Chain protocols.


444 De Haro St