[GoSF] Better Go x86 Assembly Generation + Practical Tips for Database Testing

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - 18:00
San Francisco

6:00 Networking | Food | Drink
6:30 Speakers
• Talk 1: Better x86 Assembly Generation from Go (Michael McLoughlin, Uber)
• Talk 2: Practical Tips for Database Testing (Yasser Abdolmaleki, Walmart)


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Talk 1: Better x86 Assembly Generation from Go

In the Go standard library and beyond, assembly language is used to provide access to architecture and OS-specific features, to accelerate hot loops in scientific code, and provide high-performance cryptographic routines. For these applications correctness is paramount, yet assembly functions can be painstaking to write and nearly impossible to review.

In this talk, Michael McLoughlin from Uber will demonstrate how to leverage code generation tools to make high-performance Go assembly functions safe and easy to write and maintain.

About the Speaker
Michael McLoughlin is a performance-obsessed Gopher – currently making self-driving car software faster at Uber Advanced Technologies Group, formerly implementing mathematical algorithms on high performance computers.

Talk 2: Practical Tips for Database Testing

Almost every application needs to connect with a database and yet database testing remains a bit of a struggle for many teams. Some do it incorrectly and others avoid it.

Yasser Abdolmaleki from Walmart eCommerce's Search and Big Data team will go through a set of simple and practical steps you can take to make sure your database interactions will be performant, resilient, and easily reconfigurable. He's even go so far as to cover tips on how to protect against DB config and version changes and making DB changes code-based so that you can construct the DB many times.

About the Speaker
Yasser Abdolmaleki is an Engineer at Walmart eCommerce currently focusing on Search and Big Data. Prior to this role, he was part of the Walmart's edge computing team overseeing the CDN, DNS, load balancing and proxying aspects of all of Walmart's web properties.

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