GoSF–Migrating from VMs to Kubernetes + Go & AWSLambda + Using Gob + MMO Lessons

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 18:00
San Francisco

6:00 Networking | Food | Drink
6:30 Speakers
• Talk 1: Using Gob + Lessons on Writing an MMO in Go
• Talk 2: Go and Lambda – A Demo + Lessons Learned
• Talk 3: Migrating from VMs to Kubernetes


About the Sponsor and Host

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Talk 1: Using Gob + Lessons on Writing an MMO in Go
Peter Kwangjun Suk will detail his experience as a lone developer using Go to write an MMO. He will talk about why Go's strengths made it easier, how "microtyping" strings avoided some huge performance hits as well as made refactoring much easier. He'll also go into detail on using Gob and how it made handling client-server states much easier.

About the Speaker
Peter Kwangjun Suk gets paid to write programs that can syntactically analyze and automatically port other programs. His appreciation of languages with a minimalist flair started with Smalltalk and eventually led him to Go. You can find him on Hacker News or send him gmail as stcredzero.


Talk 2: Go and Lambda – A Demo + Some Lessons Learned

AWS launched go support for in Lambda a few years ago. It can still be difficult to set up and use. Ryan Neal will go through a template project that will let you deploy a function and talk through some of gotchas that come from his experience running it in production.

About the Speaker
Ryan Neal is Head of Infrastructure and part of the founding team at Netlify. Previously, he worked on the infrastructure team at Yelp and worked in the defense sector at Palantir in the Middle East. Ryan is based in San Francisco loves big data, firespinning, and his golden retriever.


Talk 3: Migrating from VMs to Kubernetes

Michael Liu from Bolt will talk about their experience in migrating from VMs to Docker + Kubernetes. He'll relay how he was able to do this within one quarter as well as tips on launching, updating, and resizing their clusters. He'll also cover the tools they put in place to manage and monitor this new environment.

A few of these tools include:
• Using CircleCI and Jenkins for application-level CI/CD
• Managing Kubernete clusters with KOPS
• Managing application deployments via Helm

About the Speaker
Michael Liu is an Infrastructure Engineer at Bolt. He has a solid engineering background in Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Ansible, Agile, CI/CD, and other DevOps specialities.


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