GDPR at Disqus & Documenting an API implemented with Django Rest Framework

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - 18:30
Django Meetup SF
San Francisco

Talk #1 - Documenting an API implemented with Django Rest Framework

This is a journey through the landscape for API documentation tools, the issues we stumble upon and the coding style guidelines we developed to document APIs implemented with Django Rest Framework.

Sebastien is responsible to push code to production at DjaoDjin, a platform for boutique SaaS businesses. Previously, Sebastien worked as a full stack engineer, writing code for 3D game engines, H264 video codecs, C/C++ compilers and VLIW processors.

Talk #2 - GDPR at Disqus

How we configured Django sessions/cookies to be compliant with GDPR as well as tagged data for deletion and export queries.

Kash Malik is a Fullstack Software Engineer at Disqus. He works primarily in Django doing API work and ad-serving. He has worked at Disqus for 5 years.

Lightning Talks

Jenna - pytest-django
Jair - Experience API Layers


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