Angular Marathon: Lightning Talks

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - 18:00
San Francisco

6:00p · Meet and hang out

6:40p · Angular News
by Minko Gechev, ( Angular Team

6:55p · Building a Performant Web Application in 2019
by Jem Young, ( Netflix

In this talk, we’re going to cover the steps and methodologies that the modern web developer should keep in mind when crafting code. From choosing the right libraries and understanding application architecture, all the way to debugging common performance issues, we’re going to learn how to build a modern, production ready web application.

7:10p · Introduction to Visual Testing using Cypress
by Jesse Sanders, ( Briebug

In this lightening talk you will be introduced to visual testing, understand the benefits, and see how you can easily implement visual testing into your project.

7:25p · Intermission

7:35p · Catching Uncatchable Unicorns with xplat
by Brian Love, ( Briebug

So, you and your buddy Steve are building an application that is going to revolutionize a market, disrupting giants that have long been stale and lack innovation. You're both hanging out in the garage, dreaming, meditating, maybe even getting high. You're stumped though on how to build this unicorn application that will be deployed to the web, mobile and desktop. Plus, you need a robust backend, and all of the cool kids are using Node with NestJS. Steve keeps asking you questions about how to share and organize the code. And, on top of that, you know it's going to be a huge success, so scaling and mai

8:05p · Universal Performance
by Justin Appler, ( Crunchbase

Lessons learned from making Angular apps performant in Node.js

7:50p · Talk 5

8:15p · Speakers Panel

8:30p · Post-event hangout:
Coming soon...

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