Android at Scale Holiday Panel Discussion w/ Pinterest, Square, Twitter, Uber

Thursday, December 13, 2018 - 18:00
The San Francisco Android User Group
San Francisco

For our final SF Android GDG event of the year we have planned a special holiday event to close out the year with an Android at Scale panel discussion. We have picked engineers who have had a lot of experience on this topic working on large scale Android apps and the challenges that come with that. The panel members are Cesar Puerta (Twitter), Thorben Primke (Pinterest), Zach Klippenstein (Square), and Andreas Nomikos (Uber).

Building an app with a small team is straight forward with mature tooling and straight forward processes, but what works for a small team doesn't always work for a large one. Some companies now have hundreds of mobile engineers! What happens when these teams and projects outgrow the standard tooling? For this meetup, we'll be hosting a panel of speakers from HUGE Android teams to to learn about how they organize, build software, their scale related pain points, and what tooling they've build to grow.

Special thanks to the Pinterest Android team for sponsoring event, letting us use their beautiful venue, providing food and drinks, etc.

About the Panel members

Andreas Nomikos is a Software Engineer at Uber working on delivering smart and connected e-Bikes & Scooters to a city near you. He focuses on architectures and processes that promote rapid iteration and steady progress in dynamic environments. Previous stints include Android product and infrastructure at Facebook and web development at Linkedin.

Cesar Puerta is the Technical lead for Twitter for Android, overseeing the architecture of the application. He focuses on helping teams collaborate on such a large-scale project, and on the migration of shared infrastructure towards design patterns which incorporate modern techniques such as dependency injection through Dagger and decoupled, modularized, and testable components.

Thorben Primke is a Software Engineer at Pinterest working on topic based discussions and making collaboration easier. Prior to Pinterest, Thorben has worked on Android at Facebook, Gowalla and Jelly.

Zach Klippenstein is a Software Engineer on the Square Android team. Crafting tools to make Square's apps as simple to build as they are to use.

Our moderator: Joaquim Verges. Joaquim is an Android fanatic working at Twitch, previously Twitter. Creator of Falcon Pro, Hacked and Flyne. Co-organizer of the SF Android GDG.


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