Algorithms & Interview Prep

Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 18:30
Women Who Code SF
San Francisco


This time we will practice Recursion & Dynamic programming ... Not an easy topic but we will prepare a set of questions that will help you to master it!

6:30 Doors open

6:45 Welcome from event host and event leads

7:00 Lighting Talk on a specific algorithm

7:15 Whiteboarding & Algorithm Prep in small groups in supportive environment

8:30 End of event

Event Leads: Anna Arshinova, Faiza Khan, Helen Yau

Introduction 06/28
Strings 07/12
Arrays 07/26
Linked List 08/09
Stacks & Queues 8/23
Trees & Graphs 9/20
Recursion & Dynamic programming 10/4 <------------------------------

The meeting time is at 18:30 the building hall ( 201 Mission St).

This meetup is free. No food or drinks are provided.

WWCode events are intended for all women (trans and cis), trans men, and genderqueer folks who are interested in attending. We are emphatically queer and trans friendly and committed to matters of social justice as an organization. Select events may be open to the general public, which will be clearly noted in event descriptions. If you have any questions (or identify differently and want to attend), please message the Directors of this Network. Please read and abide by our Code of Conduct (

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