Magazine site done with drupal

Last few weeks I've spent most of my time on a new website 'STANDPOINT.OnLine' which is a new UK magazine. Developed for BigKidLondon, drupal again prooved that especially for magazine website, where you need to have editors, publishing queues, and a lots of others magazine related functions, is just perfect.

"Standpoint's core mission is to celebrate our civilization, its arts and its values, in particular democracy, debate and freedom of speech, at a time when they are under threat. Standpoint is an antidote to the parochialism of British political magazines. It will introduce British readers to brilliant writers and thinkers from across the Atlantic, across the Channel and around the world."

I had to write only 3 modules, the rest was done by contrib modules. The modules were for more workflow options (such as when un/publishing issues un/publish all associated articles) and also functionality to extend theme and blogs functions. So once again, if you are looking to build a magazine or newspaper site, go for drupal. :)


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