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Update 14/1/2008 21:45
Little navigation enhancements for long pages.
see files 01.png, 02.png, 03.png -> anchor links.

Update 14/1/2008 18:45
A little update for those who are following :)

Few small changes, such as history button, which will show last pages visited by user. Found it helpful on another system.

I did a small research (on myself) about how many clicks are useless when administering drupal using default garland theme. I like improving user interfaces and giving users something more useful.

So, I started to think about drupal admin theme and it's usability. Here is the first mock-up (well I have more pages designed, but still working on that), click for higher resolution.


All administration should happen within this theme, thats why there is a button on top saying 'back to homepage'. In drupal 6 we can use admin theme for edit/add nodes so users won't have to leave the theme. Haven't tested it yet, I hope that there won't be a redirect ;) or at least the ?destination will work :) not an issue right now. :)

5 main sections have icons. There is still some place for other modules to hook in (for example organic groups - as far as i remember they have its own admin > og page)

Underneath the blue bar, there might be a 'bookmarks tab', I found it quite useful for tasks you are performing every day. Let's say checking logs, comments in queue, etc... The plus sign will allow you to add current page to bookmarks.

Navigation system
I am very big fan of gmail. I guess you have already noticed that ;) There are no breadcrumbs, as they won't be needed. You will be always able to see structure where you came from, and easily click through.

This is really just a snippet of what I have in my mind and I will post more ideas and mock-ups later. Mainly I want to change main admin site - use something like a widgets in there, so admins will be able to build theres own admin welcome page with blocks, widgets, tips, etc...

And this is how dashboard could look like:

...icons are from tango project. planning to make my own if needed.

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