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Another late night update on RootCandy. I made quite a lot of changes. Including redesign and now I am using Oxygen icons now which comes under GPL licence and they look better than Tango though.
Update 24/02 - screenshots with iconify module

Again you can get the latest code from drupal cvs ( or you can download tarball on projects page.

I haven't tested it under IE or others, only on firefox2, planning to do that later.


You can see that there is an icon dashboard, inspired from usability group mockups. That should link to standard /admin page.
In upcoming 'release' I want to fix lots of issues of course :) including ie fixes (if there are any ;), theme isn't really fluid, more ajax callbacks, work with color module, and others... :) If you have some ideas fill an issue on d.o.!

Some screenshots from current version:

With iconify module
Btw if you want to use iconify module, you will have to check it out from cvs and then apply this patch to make it compatible with D6.

And how it will look like (probably):
Click here to view mockup

Thanks for your attention, comments and ideas :)

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