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Another update of the admin theme RootCandy. This time I have tried something I wanted to do in the first version and also what was suggested in usability group afaik. Everyone knows that forms on node edit or add and admin configuration might become very long.

I've moved all fieldsets into the right sidebar, and implemented thickbox (all with jquery and theme_fieldset). See some screenshots how it looks like. It's not tweaked, and currently this is available only on node/add and node/nid/edit pages. I know that for example input format fields should stay under body, this can be easily changed. This is a dev snapshot.

You can dig into source code and remove all conditions where it says to use it only on add edit pages. It will work tho.

One more note I haven't tested it in anything else than firefox. Later on I will be trying to fix all the css issues and stuff for other browsers.

Other changes

  • Support for regions - header, left, footer
  • Cleaner css + html - still needs some attention
  • logo support

and some more...

Again you can download latest version from project page on d.o.

And yes, I know that the code needs some attention. :) I will try to clean it up in next update.

Any comments, if its usable or not are more than welcome.

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