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Another update on this. I am slowly getting where I want to get. :)


I also forgot to mention that rootCandy theme is available from
(NOTE: latest tarball not yet available 21/02)

I have attached latest cvs version for those who wants to try it right now

What's new:
New module, currently called rootcandy is shipped together with this theme. It would be nice if drupal can look into all directories and fetch modules inside themes based on info files so you don't have to copy the module from theme dir to modules dir.

Anyways, this module has callback rootcandy/% which is called by ajax. Then it serves plain content. So main menu is now ajaxed.

Secondary menu has been styled.
And also some fixes.

I am developing under firefox, so don't know how it looks under ieX or others, I will try to adjust it once the basic functionality will be in.

What's the plan now?
In next update I want to finish off the navigation. All ajax and it should degrade nicely if no javascript is available.

Add some more functionality such as hot keys, and pop up windows with history or bookmarks within admin area.

Also there will be a need of a overview page and /admin page.

Icons needs replacing as they are not under GPL licence... :S

Got some emails asking if I will implement admin menu module. No I won't. But it will work together with this theme, however I will try to make the navigation as easy as possible so there won't be need for admin menu module ;)

Any ideas? Keep'em coming ;)

You can view some screenshots from latest version below or read previous article:

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