New blog design, old will be commited

After one year with the old design, I have decided to re-design my site in my spare time. It took me 2 days to make a new design (using gimp(, including logo (blender+gimp) and then drupal theming. Yes, it was that easy with drupal. ;)

old drupal themeI am going to contribute the old theme, which quite a lot of people liked, to d.o. focused on blogging. I hope that someone (maybe acquia?) will create a nice install profile for bloggers, once. I am just tired of seeing everywhere posts like "20 Excellent Wordpress Blog Designs", etc... :) drupal can do it better we all know it ;) Can't wait to see showcases of drupal sites on popular magazines such as SmashingMagazine.

And btw, my Calendar icons were featured on smashing magazine. That means a lot of people (I guess most of them bloggers and/or designers looking for inspiration) hitted this drupal blog.

I will soon post an update on rootcandy and other projects.

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