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we have moved the London Tech and Startups curated event list to a new platform:

Event Hunt (

You can bookmark events and see them in one list easily. We have some big plans with the platform to help you find the right events for your business, personal growth and entertainment.

Thank you and your feedback is welcome!


Advanced Theming Workshop

Low cost, high value workshop, where we will go deep into the Drupal theming layer. At the end of this course you should be able to create a theme from scratch, get complete understanding how Drupal generates a page (nodes, regions, blocks, comments, forms, etc...), work with stylesheets and scripts, how to discover themable functions, theme forms, theme contributed modules and learn about the best practices from my 8 years of experiences working with Drupal.

Price: £169 + VAT / person
Tweet about this and get 20% discount (= £135 + VAT).

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