[Women in iOS] Hands Off! Automated UI Testing && Accessibility on iOS

Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - 19:00
iOSoho - New York City's largest iOS Engineer Meetup
New York

Women in iOS is part of the iOSoho meetup. Our goal is to bring more women, and other underrepresented groups to the bigger iOS community.

We highlight the work that women does but everyone is welcome to attend the meetups!

Stash is hosting us this month!

Hands Off! Automated UI Testing for iOS Applications
Cindy Michalowski

This presentation will provide the listener with a comprehensive view of my experience with automated UI testing for iOS applications. I will introduce the topic by explaining how my personal experiences led me to a career in test automation engineering for mobile platforms, and then I will elaborate by talking about the tools and the technologies that I used along the way. I will talk about which tools and approaches worked, as well as those that didn't work out so well. I will introduce, explain and demonstrate my current tech stack with engineers and non-technical audience members in mind. I will finish the presentation by stating what my future goals are in the mobile automated testing space for the iOS platform.

Cindy Michalowski is a Test Automation Engineer at Stash. Her experience with mobile devices dates back to 2004, and she has worked as a graphic designer, technical writer, localization liaison, rapid prototype developer, and test automation engineer for several mobile platforms.

A self-described public transit enthusiast, you might find Cindy trying to catch a ride on one of the remaining R32 "Brightliner" subway cars before they're inevitably retired. When she's not chasing down the subway, Cindy might also be watching the Chicago White Sox, playing vintage video games, or exploring New York's many neighborhoods.

Accessibility on iOS
Melissa Rojas

There are more than 1 billion people in the world that live with some form of disability. Accessibility is making sure that everyone regardless of their ability can explore the full features of an app.

The iPhone comes with a rich set of accessibility features that help people with varying degrees of disabilities to interact fully with their devices. iOS provides a rich set of APIs for developers to add accessibility to their apps. Knowing how to use them is the key to ensuring everyone is included when using an app.

Melissa Rojas is currently an iOS Developer at Goldman Sachs.
She previously worked as an iOS and Android developer at Verizon Media.
She possesses a B.S in Computer Science from Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia and M.S in Information Systems from Brooklyn College, New York.


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