November Meetup at Convene!

Monday, November 19, 2018 - 18:30
New York Android Developers
New York

Join us for our November Meetup at Convene!

Flutter for Native Mobile Developers, Martin Rybak

By now you may have heard about Flutter, Google’s new cross-platform mobile app development toolkit, and maybe you are a little intrigued. Unlike other frameworks such as React Native or Xamarin, Flutter renders directly to the GPU and compiles to native ARM assembly. Martin will discuss what makes Flutter unique at a technical level, show some sample code, and help you decide if Flutter is a potential option for your next project.

Data Visualization in Android, Cameron Williams

Creating complex, interactive charts and graphs is a very difficult task to do in Android. I will discuss the various solutions I have used in the past, including custom view classes and React Native, to tackle common requirements set by product teams.


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