AI: Building Products that Understand

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 18:30
ProductTank NYC
New York

With the emergence of the internet and artificial intelligence (AI), we live in a society where sensors notify distributors whenever an item needs restocking in vending machines. We have technology that could scan shelves in supermarkets so they can let store managers know when a product is sold out or placed in the wrong section. We even have technology that can be trained to recognize and count the varieties and quantities of canned soda stored on a shelf, simply by analyzing pictures taken with a iPhone.

Whether the marketplaces are digital or physical, AI is quickly becoming a means to help companies and their customers manage inventory and content. From running warehouses, forecasting electricity demand, to self-driving cars, AI continues to position itself as technology with a range of benefits.

Let's get together to discuss how with the power of AI, we can build services that make real business decisions without little or no human oversight. While we are aware that many AI services are still in the "proof of concept" phase, we recognize that there is plenty of room to discover the business advantages driven by what AI will enable us to achieve.

Meet our guest panelists:

Clare Gollnick
Chief Technology Officer at Terbium Labs

Cecelia Shao
Product Lead at

Chris Butler
Director of AI at Philosophie Group

And our guest moderator:

Tremis Skeete
Director of Product at nexTier Innovations

Our conversation will kick off around 6:45pm and continue until 8:15pm or 8:30pm, followed by a reception for networking and meeting new friends. Refreshments will be provided, compliments of our sponsor:


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