The wonders of IBM: Watson, artificial intelligence, Swift coding and databases!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - 18:00
Linuxing In London

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It means a lot to us. ]

This evening is a real treat for aficionados of technology.

We are incredibly lucky to have team IBM and their friends talking about some of their wondrous ideas and tech.

IBM have been at the heart of computing for seven decades. Their list of patents would fill several large books, if not a library or two!

They invented many of the things that we take for granted: hard drives, floppy disks, random access memory and so much more.

IBM revolutionised computer languages with the invention of Fortran in the 1950s.

Their artificial intelligence, Deep Blue shocked the world when it beat chess champion, Garry Kasparov, in 1996.

This evening we shall look at some of their latest technological goodies.

There will be lovely food, special items in the free raffle and plenty of excellent technology.

The agenda is subject to radical change as we finalise things, but it will be a wonderful evening.

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18:00 Doors open.
18:15 Everyone seated and an introduction to Linuxing In London.

18:25 Saving the planet with Linux and the IBM Z Mainframe - Louise Richardson.
18:45 Q&A.

18:50 Refreshment break, food for vegetarians, vegans and everyone, thanks to Team IBM!

19:05 Using Watson to talk to traditional systems without breaking the bank! - David Spurway.
19:30 Q&A.

19:35 Everything you wanted to know about Swift but were afraid to ask - Matthew Kilner and Ian Partridge.
20:00 Q&A

20:05 Designing Trust and Transparency with Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Zoe Osorio and Sean Greaves.
20:35 Q&A.

20:40 Community slot and free raffle**.

**Hint, hint! (Cognition Foundry, who partner with IBM to help start-ups, have generously donated three Amazon Echo Dots to the raffle).

20:50 Continue Q&A in the Skills Matter bar over a soft drink.

[NB: The agenda is subject to change and revision, timings may change.]


1. Speakers’ biography

a) David Spurway is the primary evangelist and CTO for IBM Power Systems in the UK and Ireland.

b) Zoe Osorio is a machine learning engineer within the UK Systems Artificial Intelligence(AI) team at South Bank.

c) Sean Greaves is a Technical Specialist within the IBM UK Systems Artificial Intelligence(AI) team in London.

d) Ian Partridge is a senior developer at Swift@IBM, working to bring Swift to the cloud on Linux.

e) Matt Kilner is a senior developer within the IBM Runtimes Technology group.

f) Louise Richardson is a Client Relations Executive at Cognition Foundry.

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