Three.js Overview & Worked Example - And Visualising Games as Fractals

Monday, February 18, 2019 - 19:00
Algorithmic Art

The main session will be an overview of three.js, with a worked example demonstrating its use.

There will also be a shorter talk by Ben Magistris on his work visualising games as fractals, mapping advantageous and disadvantageous positions after many turns, which leads to surprisingly detailed patterns. Here's an example:


Three.js is a popular library for creating 3D scenes in a browser.

We're lucky to have our very own Carl Bateman lead an overview of three.js and also demonstrate using it with a real worked example.

Three.js is one the more established javascript libraries for creating three-dimensional scenes in a browser without the need for additional software or plugins.

Three.js has been used extensively for a wide range of works - from games to scientific data visualisation, from multimedia art experiences to educational tools for teaching, and even short animated films.

You can find examples of what three.js can do at

Carl will aim the introduction at beginners who may no have used a 3D library before. Having some coding background would be helpful, but not essential.

He will then work through an interesting example, demonstrating the power of the algorithms and the three.js library.

You can bring a laptop with wifi and a modern browser to follow along.


The talk begins at 7.00pm, and you can rrive from 6.30pm. A bar is available for refreshments, including free tea and coffee.

Plese also sign up at the skillsmatter site: []

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