The Successful Funding Pitch. Lessons from 20,000 business plans

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - 18:00
Entrepreneurs In London

We are really excited to welcome back Bill Morrow founder of the worlds biggest Angel Investor network, who has been named the most influential figure in Alternative Funding by City AM.

Perhaps more importantly 92% of all the businesses funded by AD since that fateful day are still growing with the help of 19,000 angels.

He is one of our highest rated speakers ever. Last time we had him people just wouldn't leave after his talk was over. He is simply a MUST to hear for ANY entrepreneur...

Bill is a serial entrepreneur who has been creating, building and selling businesses for the last 25 years. He is also founder and CEO of Angels Den, Europe’s largest equity funding facilitators, and now the
World's First Integrated Angel and Crowdfunding Platform

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More about Bill Morrow
Bill started his working life as an accountant with Virgin and quickly moved into investment banking in the City. He set up an international financial recruitment company which he sold to a Wall Street Bank in 2001. Since then he has been making his own investments.

When he founded Angels Den in 2007, he chucked out the rule book on Angel investment and was determined to make things happen for small businesses. Bill is passionate that all businesses with a good idea and a sound business plan should be able to access finance to get off the ground. facilitates over 5000 pitches per year, across 10 countries and there are not many businesses we have not seen pitched badly.

Angels Den now has the largest number of Angel Investors registered in Europe and is expanding into Asia and America. A TV show for budding entrepreneurs is also in the making.

Bill is proud to be a maverick in the world of business with the strength of character to take on the dinosaurs still roaming the City

Bill has been investing since 2007 and now advises a select bunch of start-ups as well as three Governments, including a contract with Thailand working with 5000 SME’s helping them scale.

He is also one of the best connected people in the UK. His i-phone address book reads like a who’s who of the business world. Coupled with this, his sharp business antennae and penetrating wit are a devastatingly entertaining combination.

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Agenda for the night:
6-6.30 PM Networking

6.30 PM: Founder of Bill Morrow

8-10 pm: More networking

Thanks and have a brilliant day - Patrick M. Powers


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