Pitching to investors with Lean

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - 18:00
The London Lean Startup group

In curating our talks and workshops we respond to our members questions, and on June 18th we will answer the question “Do investors speak Lean?”. This question crops up in various forms and with various sources of finance or assistance. Such as will Lean help my application to InnovateUK? Should I mention Lean in my pitch? How do I introduce Lean with my board members?

In this session we aim to dispel some of the myths about investors, and show how successful pitches are constructed around evidence. Evidence of market/customer need, feasibility of the solution and viability of the proposition as well as drive, determination and team fuelled by Lean methodology.

We will be hearing pitches from a number of companies who are currently fundraising or have recently raised funding. After Q+A with a panel of investors, we will have a conversation with them about how Lean has provided the companies with the strength of their pitches, guided by Lean Startup Ambassadors for London Davide Turi and Mark Elliott.

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18:00- Welcome and pizzas
18.30- Introductions to Lean and investors
18:45- Pitches, questions and feedback
19:45- How to pitch to investors with Lean
20:00- Networking and Drinks

About our pitching speakers

- DOMINC ATKINSON: Co-founder of Stay Nimble
- XIJUN TANG: Founder of Oenologist
- CHARLIE CADBURY & ALEX STRANG: Co-founders of Mind Pebble
- DANIELLE QUEIROZ: Founder of Casa Seven
- SAM ABRIKA: Founder of Cashcoach.io


DANIEL ROSS from Yellowwoods Ventures Investments. Yellowwoods is an investment vehicle which represents the business interests of the South African Enthoven family. They comprise principally of insurance (e.g. Hollard, Clientele, Lombard, Budget Group, Animal Friends, Correlation Risk Partners) and hospitality (Nando’s, Wahaca) businesses across sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. Daniel gives the portfolio strategic guidance, manages M&A as well as looking at venture investments across any life stage that makes strategic sense.

ARNOLD DU TOIT was the founder and CEO for Drive Daddy and RolleyGolf LTD. He has spent over a decade developing smarter technologies in personal transport for future landscapes, most recently exploited by the World's first Hop-on golf trolley. Arnold acts as brand ambassador, advisor and investor in several start-ups, Ed Tech businesses and Hardware Accelerators in the UK.

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Lean Startup Ambassadors for London:

DAVIDE TURI, Founding Partner, Studio Zao
Lean Startup ambassadors for London, Davide is resident business coach at Imperial College London, Entrepreneur in Residence at the Bradfield Centre in Cambridge and has been a successful entrepreneur himself (one exit).

MARK ELLIOTT, Business Coach and Lean Business Builder
Mark started his career alternating between programming telecoms hardware devices and more general IT projects such as scheduling Scandinavia’s international post. Grabbing the opportunity with an innovative Silicon Valley startup he built the international development/training/technical arm through to the NASDAQ IPO and pivoting onto service revenue for the $1.5billion sale. Since then he has had a number of companies and is now a Business Coach working with founders to help have better dreams.

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