Lessons from a successful agile adoption outside of IT

Thursday, November 15, 2018 - 18:30
Agile Outside IT

You must hear the fascinating story of a multi-year agile adoption across a business community of eighty people at Nationwide Building Society. What they have achieved is utterly remarkable at both team and community level.

Regardless of your business sector, if you're outside of IT and thinking about being more agile, you cannot miss this event.

This from the trenches case study is packed with valuable lessons to share:

- What do we mean by business agility, in practical easy to understand language

- The benefits of being agile (outside IT)

- The reasons for change and what measures to use to gauge how it's going

- How to approach a business agile transformation (outside of IT)

- What are the differences with IT, with practical examples of what works (and does not!)

- Why we started using the Scrum team-level framework and why we now have a bespoke iterative sprint based approach (scrum-like!!)

- Observations about agile certifications and certification boards

- The role of the Agile Champion, and how to avoid the "keep spending" agile coaching model

- What's possible with business agility, and the pitfalls and lessons

The session will conclude in an open space format to allow further discussion on areas of specific interest to you.

Presenter: Ellie Taylor is a senior auditor at Nationwide and is helping her organisation embrace business agility at both team and community level, and wider.


1 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, E14 5HP