Hasta La Vista - Pulling the Plug on the tradition of Agile Coaching

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 - 18:30
Agile Coaching Exchange

Hasta La Vista - Pulling the Plug on the tradition of Agile Coaching with David Shrimpton.

Agile Coaching is changing. Many companies think they already know the fundamentals, frameworks and methods and are getting rid of their Scrum Masters and Agile Coaching. Photobox believes Agile Coaching has a new purpose not only to change the culture of the way a company works but also a new innovative operating model.

If we truly believe that autonomy, mastery and purpose motivates a team then why not let the team choose on how they want to run things. For example which framework and method to get things done? How many meetings they have? Whether the team want to spend time working on problems or new features?

We also believe that on occasions the Agile Coach has a different set of goals to a team that may hamper or restrict the way the team may want to work and try new things. That means we have moved Agile Coaching outside of teams as a support function and set up a Centre of Excellence.

In this talk we will discuss how we've created the atomic unit of a team. A team that exists to improve our customer experience, improve our company and improve our technical experience. We'll talk about how we think about business and customer value and how we set teams off against that value in a way that allows them to be creative, innovative and successful.

We'll talk about our new Agile Centre of Excellence that is providing training, support, Workshops and facilitation across the wider Photobox company and group. How are we doing this and how it is allowing teams across the business access to Agile Coaching support for the first time. This includes Marketing, HR, Security and Engineering.

About The Speaker

David Shrimpton is Head of Agile Coaching at Photobox and has been involved in agile and lean for the past 15 years. Photobox is the number one personalisation business in Europe. With over 3.4 million customers, we sell over 600 products in 19 countries.
David headed up the agile group at Shazam and has worked for some of the UK's biggest companies, coaching teams at AOL and the BBC in lean and agile techniques. He also coached software teams as a director while living in Spain for 3 years.
Now back in the UK, David uses his spare time writing and producing video blogs on Linkedin to convey new leadership, agile and lean concepts.

You can find a list of his VLOG's here https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/shrimptonsshorts-video-list-david-shrimpton/

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