Digital health regulatory update

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 - 18:15
Health Technology Forum: London

I am delighted to announce that Julian Hitchcock, ably assisted by Zac Fargher, has kindly agree to give Forum members an update on the regulation of medical and in vitro devices.

This comes at a time of huge uncertainty so Julian and Zac's advice will be especially important for members: in addition to Brexit, the Notified Body capacity crisis is imperiling the implementation dates of both the MDR in 2020, and the IVDR after that.

Longstanding members will already be aware of Julian's presentational clarity and depth, and his very humourous style, as will attendees at events I have also run for the Royal Society of Medicine and the Digital Health and Care Alliance.

Please try to arrive at 6.15 pm on 17th July so we can get started promptly at 6.30 pm. Julian and Zac will speak until 8pm, after which there will be time for networking drinks, kindly sponsored by Bristows, who are also generously hosting us for the evening.

Please note that the maximum seating capacity of the room we are using a Bristows is 60. As there will inevitably be more people than that wanting to attend we will be operating a wait-list so if you have agreed to attend, please either turn up or cancel in time for others to replace you!

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100 Victoria Embankment