Creative Uses for Not Quite Random Noise

Monday, August 20, 2018 - 19:00
Algorithmic Art

Randomness can be a very powerful creative tool. But sometimes we don't want randomness to be .. quite so random. That's where noise can help.

In this beginner-friendly session we'll -

* explore when we need not-so-random noise
* explore some simple creative applications, like textures
* try some slightly more more sophisticated ideas, like landscapes made of multi-frequency noise
* and for those interested in the (school-level) maths, we'll give an intuition of how noise can be calculated

Noise became such a useful tool in visual effects industry that Ken Perlin was awarded the Academy Award for Technical Achievement in 1997.

Bring a laptop and have a go in the class too. You might try applying the noise to guide particles systems, or even create 3-dimensional forms?

We'll be demonstrating the ideas using Processing/P5js and Python.

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