August: ag-grid and Dojo version 3

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 - 18:30
Ajax group

Our August meetup is planned for the 14th of August at Skills Matter CodeNode. Please remember to also register at the Skills Matter website ( ).


18:00: Meet and greet

18:30: Welcome to HalfStack & JS News

18:40: Challenges of Building a Datagrid

19:40: Dojo version 3 and ag-grid Interoperability, by James Milner

20:00: Pub

About the speakers:

Niall Crosby

Founder of ag-Grid ( ), the JavaScript Datagrid for Enterprise.

Before that, 15 years working as Java / Oracle developer across investment banking, government and telecoms.

Entrepreneur and developer.

James Milner

James is a Software Engineer working remotely in London for SitePen ( ). He has a history of building immersive web applications within the startup and geospatial sectors. He is a fan of all things web development, particularly frontend with a penchant for exploring the potentials of the platform. In his spare time he drinks too much coffee and maintains his blog.

About the talks:

Challenges of Building a Datagrid

The technical challenges of building a data grid is what makes it one of the most difficult components to write. This is why most companies decide to buy a grid in, or if they don't then often struggle to get it right.

Having brought ag-Grid to the market, we can look back and talk about the design decisions that were made to make ag-Grid the project that it is today.

Dojo version 3 and ag-grid Interoperability

After a brief overview of Dojo ( ), this talk will include a quick demonstration of using ag-grid as a Custom Element with Dojo version 3.



Don't forget to get your ticket for HalfStack, our one-day UI-centric JS conf in a pub, back again this year on the 16th of November. . We've started announcing speakers, and we've already sold nearly half of our tickets for this year's event so please get your ticket early!

Skills Matter CodeNode

10 South Place