Amazon Web Services, Fargate and containers evening at Linuxing In London

Thursday, August 23, 2018 - 18:00
Linuxing In London

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a giant Cloud provider.

It provides everything from the simplest virtual machine to exceptionally complex artificial intelligence Clusters, and everything between.

Being proficient in AWS almost guarantees an excellent career and handsome salary.

AWS offers hundreds of services and almost every imaginable permutation of computer services and they run millions if not billions of container services every day.

Fargate is one of AWS is newer services around containers and of great interest in the field of IT.

Tonight we are incredibly fortunate to have an AWS expert, Ric Harvey, giving us the benefit of his extensive experience in the IT sector and AWS.

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18:00 Doors open.

18:15 Everyone seated.

18:20 Welcome by Brian Byrne.

18:25 Practical Fargate by Ric Harvey.

This session will consist of a live demo, build and learn. In this we’ll create an AWS Fargate container cluster and talk about its merits, then link the cluster with a CI/CD pipeline allowing you to build containers then automatically and safely role out new versions of your code. As a take away you’ll have access to all the code for the demo.

19:30 Food break, something nice, thanks to our friends at OpsGenie!**

19:40 Container Security by Ric Harvey.

In this session we will build a container and link it to security analysis tools to always make sure your workloads are secure and up to date.

20:25 Chalk Talk (questions and answers): Put Ric to work, ask him AWS architectural questions and how best to migrate your workloads to use container technology.

20:45 Community slot and free raffle.

20:55 Finish.

21:00 Continue the AWS discussion in the Skills Matter bar over a soft drink.

1. Speakers’ biography

Ric Harvey is a Technical Evangelist at AWS. He has a long career in operations and development using cloud technologies. Coupled with his passion for community and open source, he enjoys sharing this knowledge and engaging with audiences.

Ric Harvey on Twitter:


Please don't forget to sign up at Skills Matter for health and safety:

Please do read our code of conduct, by attending you are agreeing to be bound by it.


We have started a Linuxing In London project to get Linux laptops into the hands of aspiring developers.

If you know of anyone who has kit (old laptops, etc) which can be reused and recycled into Linux systems please contact Brian at [masked]

We have given away three nice Linux laptops to #womenintech (for free) thus far! We want to do more, your ideas are welcome:)

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