Inline Manual 1.0 Drupal module released, show your clients how to use their site

After few betas, Inline Manual Drupal module has reached stable 1.0 version. Throw screenshots, screencasts and word documents away! Be interactive and agile. :)

"Inline Manual is a service to create interactive, reusable and easy to maintain step-by-step documentation for end-users of a website or application. Be it a tutorial "How to add a new user" within a CMS you've just built or a tutorial showing how to manage specific content."

The Drupal module allows you to:

  • connect to the Inline Manual service
  • download tutorials for a specific site using the site API key
  • play tutorials
  • enable/disable tutorials on Drupal level
  • make tutorials visible based on permissions/user role
  • change colors and text of the widget module page:
Live demo on SimplyTestMe: (Launch sandbox).

If you want to learn more about how can InlineManual help grow your Drupal business visit the site or get the "Inline Manual and Drupal" brochure.

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