More on 3D Drupal visualization, now in browser

Those who are following know, that I am experimenting with different ways how to explain designers Drupal in my workshops. The tilt extension worked fine but was not flexible enough (for me) being it written for Firefox. The more I learned about CSS3 I knew I am on the right way to have something out of this. Here is the current result. It is in the early stage, but quite soon I will get where I want with this. Right now it is working with the default Drupal classes, but can be easily extended. Good idea is to make it work with Themer Devel module. Best part is, it works in the latest browsers (tested in webkit only) without any needed extensions.

Try the live DEMO - only for webkit browsers.

Get Drupal documentation for your clients under control

My latest project Inline Manual aims to sort all the problems around end-user documentation. Forget about the screenshots, PDFs, screencasting, etc... this will save you a lot of time and money!