Visual Drupal

The idea of having an interactive overview of Drupal phases emerged from various Drupal workshops I did in the past months. People were looking into the materials and the workflows on the paper, but it wasn't interactive, nor it was possible to give it a different function (name) to try it out what it does instead of general function names, which are hard to understand for newbies.

What I am working on for the training materials and for the online workshop is the isometric grid in CSS3. Previously (2 years ago) I thought I will do it in flash, but I am quite happy that I didn't proceed with this. I am hoping to release the jQuery plugin with the styles and schemes to the public as an open source project and most likely the whole visual drupal project will be online for everyone too. The plugin will turn any list into either 2d or 3d visualisation, which with more parameters can become interactive.

Any suggestions, thoughts are welcome. Video and screenshot follows

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