Rootcandy update 09-2008

After a long time, another blog post about what's new since last update.

After visiting Szeged and meeting quite a lot of new faces, I also got some feedback on rootcandy. Thanks all for that.

I have set up a new gallery with latest screenshots -> HERE

So what's new...

3 column layout
Fluid 3 column layout finally.

Top navigation menu
After so many failed atempts to get drupal menus under control, I decided to go with another approach. I think this is even better than sticking to navigation admin menu.

In theme settings you can now set whether you want to display icons and also what size icons should have.

You can choose menu source, by default there are predefined "menu items" (hard coded). In next update you will be able to select different menu for each role.

Icon module
Played around with icon module ( by ximo and made rootcandy compatible with it. The icon module itself is very nice idea though. As I was warned by ximo, icon module is still under development and shouldn't be used on production site, well same as rootcandy.

CSS issues
Also fixed quite a lot of css issues, but there are still few I know about, mainly in IE6. Added more css for general elements such as blocks and others.

Code clean up
I followed best practices and cleaned up the code. Although you will still find php notice errors. I need to set up my apache first to display them. I know it's not a big deal. In next update... ;)

If you want to test it, get it from here - latest tar-ball should be available soon.

And if you have some ideas or bugs you are more than welcome!

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