RootCandy alpha release

After long nights and many hours spent on this theme, finaly I am able to release alpha version.

The first blog post about rootcandy is dated on Sat, 01/12/2008 - 14:33. Thats quite a long time ago. It went through a lot of itterations (see all blog posts related to rootcandy).

So here it is. An alpha version of rootcandy.

More info and specs after the break.


  • 1-2-3 Column fluid layout
  • Custom top navigation + icons
  • Color module support
  • RTL support
  • Specific theme settings
  • Some contrib modules styles (eg. views)

It comes with 2 sidebar regions, left and right. The left regions is filled with tweaked navigation which displays only on level 2+ pages such as admin/build/module.

Top navigation
You can have icons in the navigation, in theme settings you can choose between 16,24,32 sizes or no icons.
You can also choose different menu source based on roles. So for example you can have a new menu called 'anonymous menu' which will have two items - help and login. Then in settings you can set to use this menu when user is in a role anonymous. So when user visits any page where rootcandy is being used he will see just two menu items.

Color module
There's not much to say about this, it works. :)

RTL supoprt
For the first time I have tried to make a theme RTL. I can't test it properly, maybe will need to download localized browser or something. This needs further testing please.

Specific theme settings
There is currently just one item I havent covered yet. It's disabling header. It's there because many people are using admin menu, so you can disable the default rootcandy header which shows who is logged in and back to home page link, I think admin menu has these links too.

Contrib modules
I checked few modules, which are most popular. So views, cck and others were checked and few styles to make look them better within a theme were added.

Get it
Download the rootcandy theme here or visit live limited demo here or see screenshots here.

Eventually I will be happy if you leave some feedback.
Thanks for all bug reports and help so far. Happy testing!

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