Process improvement: Creating website manuals for clients in under 5 minutes

Back from Drupalcamp Vienna, where I talked about how supporting your users is one of the processes of web development that we should not forget about. I gathered some interesting feedback from visitors and again it proved how everyone is struggling with handing over any information on how to operate website. It either takes ages to create (screenshots and screencasts) or it is not reusable.

I can say now, we have fixed this problem with Inline Manual from my very own experience. Yesterday we deployed a new re-design of one of ours clients eCommera site built on Drupal. Whilst the client had for previous site PDF documentation, we had to create instructions for new features. There were in total 6 new features, mostly regarding new content types. It took us literally 5 minutes to create instructions for these new features each of consisting of up to 10 steps. We pushed the manual to theirs site (it works as an intuitive onsite documentation) and we have instantly seen new content appearing. No questions at all! :) And client liked it a lot.

If you are interested, there is a Drupal module to integrate it with and a small demo how it looks like on a Drupal site.

I am very excited seeing this working and as well how others are using Inline Manual to help theirs clients as well as they are reusing existing public tutorials!

What do you think about this approach? Would it solve you a lot of problems? Are you facing such problems?

Here are my slides from Drupalcamp Vienna talk that covers the research behind:

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