Learn as you go Drupal concept

While working on rootcandy admin theme, I came to a nice idea.

I wanted to show a block with help on the right side, which I did. Then, I was figuring out if it could do more than just showing help for particular section and the idea of 'Learn as you go' was born.

Basically it will guide drupal users through setting up drupal for their needs, helping them to explain things, etc... It's not that easy to use drupal for new people and also finding stuff on drupal forums or handbooks is sometimes discouraging.

See screenshots below to understand what I am talking about. :)

On the first screenshot you can see a block on the right, which could be enabled by default after installing drupal, there can be a disable link, so people who are familiar with drupal can hide this forever and enable it in the module settings (or disable can disable whole module).

You can see there are actually few links. First three are links to actual available tutorials.
More info will link to help of this module.
Download more tutorials (guides) will use similar(if not same) system as update module. These tutorials will be available from d.o. They will consist of standardised format.

Functions of tutorials

  • Remember where user finished his last tutorial. (Overview screen of available tutorials with status (started, completed)
  • Each step will have its own place in tutorial specification with url where it is pointing
  • Steps could interact with forms and other stuff, using jquery (for example on modules list we can use jquery to automaticaly check modules we want to install and also we can highlight them, imagine what else we can do - for example when user is adding node, we can change the learn as you go block while user clicks into different fields (title, taxonomy, body,...) - however this has to be somehow standardised
  • Configuration checks - while adding new tutorial, or enabling, or going through, it should check the final configuration, whether it has been done or not or if there are any conflicts
  • Dependency checks - lets say I will want to create another tutorial, but the requirement will be to finish another tutorial first. (this is not neccessary tho)
    Reference - Links to drupal handbooks or other sites
  • Link to "I'am stuck" page, which should sit on d.o., users will be able to give feedback why they are stuck, and we can send with it configuration of drupal. So we can improve usability and/or tutorial/documentation.
  • Once user has lets say enabled modules required in step 1 (page refresh), block content will change to Proceed to step 2 or if next step is on the same page, then step 2 will be displayed immediately

There are even more and more things how this can be used. It can act like a firebug or a themer.module from devel package, but outputing help.

This is very rough concept!

Again, comments highly appreciated!

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