Inline Manual 1.1 release - Rules support - onboard new users like a pro

The fastest way to teach your users how to use your web application got even faster. We have integrated the great Rules module, so you can easily define logic within your Drupal installation when to launch specific tutorials.

Imagine you have built a website for your client and now you need to train the editors how to work with content. You can use Inline Manual for this already, instead of doing workshops or screencasts, however, what if there are new employees/editors coming in afterwards? How would you get them quickly learn the system?

With Rules integration you can now define your own logic, when to show the tutorials, so you can easily onboard new employees or old one when there are new features.

Example: Launching a tutorial when user logs in for the very first time

Once you have Rules and Inline Manual modules up and running, go to the Rules config page (admin/config/workflow/rules).

Click on the Add new rule link

The new rule will react on user log in action

Add a new condition and choose "Data value is empty". We will be comparing the last access of the user, if it is empty, it means they are logging in for the very first time.
Enter "account:last-access" as the data selector and click Save button.

Now add a new action to the rule you've just created. Click the "Add action".
Choose "Show selected topic" from the Inline Manual section.

On the second screen it will allow you to choose specific topic to launch, from the topics you have created and synchronised with your Drupal installation.

That's it! Now whoever logs in for the first time, they will be guided through the system.

Of course you can add additional conditions, such as if the user role matches "Editor" role, etc... to target the right audience, you can create onboarding tutorials for your normal users too, to boost the adoption.

You can get started by getting your account for free now at and installing the Inline Manual Drupal module.

The Drupal 8 module of Inline Manual is on its way, currently in beta 1 release and is usable. Also consider supporting Rules for Drupal 8 development.

Have fun!

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