GuyCollection - drupal and e-commerce

This is a little bit old project, released half a year ago. But I thought I would make a short walkthrough, showcasing what we did with drupal and e-commerce modules.

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The whole project was done by a team of 4 drupal developers (Greg Harvey, Sean Burlington, Colin Piggott and myself). I was the last person to join the project after few weeks of development, working mainly on theming, ajax, bug fixing and polishing.

The nice, clean design was done by designer from BigKid London but I thought I'd point out few things I did for this site.

Colours - product variations

One of the clients' requirements was to have different colours for each product. Using product variations module and hacking it a little bit, the client was able to choose the product colour from colour wheel when adding/editing colour variation.

More fun with colours

The colours specified above are used extensievely throughout the site. You can see it on products listing page as "generated" circles. Basicaly it's just a div with background of a colour and with a transparent gif above it:

and you can see it on a product page:

There is some ajax involved too. On a product page, if you hover over the colour it will show you a different product image in that colour. Same if you click on a checkbox.

More ajax - product and cart edit in a thickbox

If you have products in your cart, you can edit them. By clicking on an edit link, it will open up thickbox window and product you are editing. You can change colour and sizes if you want and re-submit. The same applies when you click on a product page 'Complete the look' items in the right sidebar.

Product listing scrollbar

So, what you see is a page created with views module. There is one unusual thing you can notice which is a scrollbar at the bottom. It's javascript driven, much nicer though than standard browser scrollbar.

If you want to try it:, they have really nice clothes for kids though.

It was my third project using e-commerce modules, now trying ubercart for another project to see how better that is.

Hope you like it.


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