Get off the phone: Helping users through better UX and tools - Jam's DrupalCamp

Jam (Jeffrey A. McGuire) from Acquia approached me right after I gave presentation about user assistance at Drupal Camp Copenhagen with his brilliant idea > Jam's Drupal Camp. A concept of having sessions Jam liked while traveling around the world and bring them online as hangouts. I was the very first guest and I did really enjoy it. It was a new experience for me, especially that part when you don't see the audience. :)

In the presentation titled "Get off the phone: Helping users through better UX and tools" I showcased what my approaches are when it comes to providing a delightful experience for end-users, talked about User Centered Design, research on how other companies are handling documentation/support and demo'ed our product/solution Inline Manual

You can watch the presentation here. Let me know if you have any similar experiences or what issues you are facing when it comes to maintainable documentation/support.

Google hangout page:

Thank you Jam for having me and for such a great idea! :)

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