DrupalCon Prague tips - local guide at your service

DrupalCon Prague is around the corner and I feel like sharing some valuable tips with you. I have been born in Prague and I am very much honoured that so many of you I know from the issue queues, cons, camps and those I don't know yet are coming over! I will try to capture what I think might make your stay more pleasant. I will be updating this list here and will be posting regularly to twitter (@sotak). Also during the Con, you can tweet me if you run into any trouble or will want to get some more info about anything. Let me be your local support guy. :) Got any questions? Please ask, either via twitter or here in the comments. I will be also populating this map.

Last update: 23.9.2013

Tip #14 - Use It Map

USE-IT makes tourist info for young people who are travelling on a low budget. USE-IT info centres guides, maps and websites are provided by locals, are not-commercial, free, no-nonsense and up-to-date.

Tip #13 - Exchange currency

I exchange money in Exchange.cz (http://www.exchange.cz) they have only one office in the Old Town. You can get the VIP exchange rate by printing out the coupon if you like (can be found on theirs website).

List of other exchanges http://www.mesec.cz/kurzy/nejlepsi-kurzy/

Tip #12 - Vegetarian restaurants

Few tips from my vegetarian friends
http://radostfx.cz/restaurant/en/ - mixed

Tip #11 - Walk - Main Train station

See the map - blue line. While there, you can visit Riegrovy sady, park with a great view over the Prague Castle. There is a huge beergarden and an upcoming beer festival (15 smaller breweries) from 26. - 29.9.

Tip #10 - National Monument Vitkov - Zizkov

Stunning views from the terrace, there is a Czechoslovakian Museum - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Monument_in_Vitkov

Tip #9 - Art Nouveau Lucerna passage

A very nice passage you should not miss. There is a nice cafe and a cinema in an Art Nouveau style. See the map (green line).
In there you can find another statue from David Cerny - the guy responsible for the climbing babies on the television tower, pink tank, statue of Sigmund Freud hanging by one hand and many more.

Tip #8 - How to deal with a hangover

So, having one now, I think it might be good to mention how some of us are dealing with the hangover.
First of all, you should not mix the drinks. I know it can be tempting, to mix all the cheap alcohol, but don't do it. The Danes would probably say, "You will deal with it tomorrow", but... Stay on one drink, or mix appropriately. ;) Mix with water - have a glass of water in-between some drinks.

Česnečka The garlic soup you can get in most of the restaurants. It is strong, but I consider it the most helpful. There is cheese in it as well as some croutons and egg.
Honey You know that alcohol is connected with the sugar in your body, so they say, that taking a toast with honey in the morning is good. :)
Water Drink a little bit of water before you head to the bed.
More alcohol Or just get another beer/drink to keep your alcohol level same as the night before. That works well too :)

Tip #7 - Public transport

To get to the conference venue:
option 1: 2 transfers - 44 min - ticket 32 CZK - Take the bus 119, get off at the end station Dejvicka. Take the Metro and get off at Muzeum. There transfer to Line C (red) and continue to Vysehrad.
option 2: 1 transfer - 55 min - ticket 64 CZK - Take the bus AE, get off at the end station Hlavni Nadrazi. Take the Metro Line C and continue to Vysehrad.

You can get the tickets at the airport, see public transport kiosk. Or you can buy tickets from the driver (they are a bit more expensive) than from the ticket box, but there you need to have a change.
Don't forget to stamp your ticket.

Search for the connection http://www.dpp.cz/en/ - use terminal 2 (or terminal 1) and end stop Vysehrad.

Tip #6 - Getting from the venue (Congress centre) to HUB (where the extended sprints are)

Take the metro line C - Vysehrad towards I.P. Pavlova - it is just one stop.
From I.P. Pavlova, take one of the trams 16, 4 or 10.
From Andel, you can just walk, it is 5 minutes.

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Tip #5 - Zebra crossing

Drivers are supposed to stop, but they don't, that is the usual scenario, so be cautious on zebra crossing where there are no traffic lights. The trams have privilege, so don't jump into the road when the tram is coming. Sometimes you can spot the yellow boxes (as seen on the picture) next to the zebra crossing. Push it and wait, the green light to cross should appear afterwards. If the box is blue, it is for blind people.
Čekejte = Wait
Tlačítko pro chodce = Button for pedestrians

Tip #4 - Žižkov Television Tower - place of interest

If you fancy nice views over the Prague, you should go see the Žižkov Television Tower. There is am observatory (93m above the ground) and a Restaurant + Bistro called Oblaca (they do serve breakfast too) few meters below. I recommend to go to Bistro, since the food is same, but the prices are lower than in the Restaurant. Getting there is best by metro - Jiriho z Podebrad and then walk. The entrance to the observatory is 150 CZK per adult, but you can still go to Restaurant/Bistro and enjoy the views for "free". See the map or visit theirs website http://www.towerpark.cz/

Tip #3 - Data SIM Card

In Czech there are three major operators. Vodafone, O2 and T-mobile. I am a long-time client of Vodafone, so I am going to propose to use them, although I have some up and downs with them from time to time, I don't think you will experience anything during your week or so using the service. The service itself is reliable.

Vodafone offers a prepaid data sim card from 300 CZK (500MB allowance). In fact the data costs 286 and the remaining amount can be used to call (it is about 2 minutes of call time). You can purchase this sim card directly at the terminal 2. If you are arriving to terminal 1, it is a short walk to get to the terminal 2 (go left). Also there are plenty of vodafone, o2 or t-mobile shops around the city.

I think the Mobile Connection 1,5 GB would be your best choice.
Vodafone plans

Tip #2 - How to get around Prague in a cab

The taxi prices went recently down, new competitors showed up and the big players had to adopt. This lead to much more cheaper prices of these services. The company I am using is "Nejlevnejsi taxi", translated "The cheapest taxi", yes not very original. :) Behind this company is an old school company running taxis for ages, so there is some quality assured. They have their own app (for iPhone and android) called the same "Nejlevnejsi taxi Praha". The App is quite nice, it allows you to see the nearest taxis and once you select your destination it calculates the price, this price will be guaranteed and that is what you will end up paying at the end. So you can avoid discussing the price or being robbed (some taxi drivers will try to take you by another more longer route, this has happened even to me, since then I always make clear which way I want to go). :) After you reach your destination, you can tip the taxi driver with 10% if you were happy.

The price for getting from the Airport to the center would cost around 350 CZK (the Airport taxi drivers would cost you around 600+ CZK). To get from the airport to congress centre would cost around 360 CZK.
You can call them on +420 226 000 226 or visit theirs website and get the app from the stores - http://nejlevnejsitaxi.cz/

Tip #1 - Smetanovo nabrezi - riverside walk without cars - Saturday tip

Every saturday for upcoming 5 weeks, Smetanovo nabrezi will be closed to the cars. There will be special events held during the day not just for locals. This initiative is part of testing, how would public react to such closures, so people can enjoy the city centre more. While walking you will be able to enjoy one of the nicest views over the Prague's castle. You can start where the National Theatre is, and continue towards the Charles bridge. More about these events can be found here (in Czech).

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